Warehouse logistics specialist

What does one do in this profession?

Warehouse logistics specialists accept goods of all kinds and check their quantity and quality based on accompanying documents. They organize the unloading of the goods, them, and store them appropriately in previously designated locations. They ensure that goods are stored under optimal conditions, regulating factors such as temperature and humidity. In the dispatch area, they plan delivery routes and determine the most cost- effective shipping method.

They prepare deliveries, package the goods, and create accompanying documents such as delivery notes or customs declarations. Additionally, load trucks, containers, or railroad cars, operate forklifts, and secure the cargo against slipping or leaking. Warehouse logistics specialists also optimize the intra-company flow information and materials from procurement to sales. They research sources of goods, develop comparative offers, order goods, and arrange for payment.


  • Good physical condition (e.g. ability to work in unheated and drafty warehouses, air-conditioned offices, refrigerated storage rooms, or outdoors)
  • Organizational skills and attention to detail (e.g. assigning loading and unloading times and storage spaces, properly preparing shipments for dispatch)
  • Spatial imagination (e.g. stowing goods in the warehouse, taking into account the type of goods, their condition, volume, and weight)
  • Carefulness and sense of responsibility (e.g. operating conveyor systems or lifting equipment, transporting and storing hazardous materials)


Warehouse logistics specialists primarily work in:

  • Warehouses
  • Refrigerated storage rooms
  • Outdoors in storage areas
  • In offices
Warehouse logistics specialist