Specialists in security and safety

What does one do in this profession?

Specialists in security and safety are able to accurately assess situations and potential hazards. For example, they analyze how much risk a power plant is exposed to. Based their knowledge of modern security technology, they provide advice to their clients on personal protection, event security, and object and valuables transportation security. are involved in the installation and commissioning of security equipment and regularly check whether it is functioning properly.

If they detect any deficiencies, they arrange for replacement or repair of the affected equipment. At factory entrances or event they ensure that only authorized persons enter the respective facilities.

They conduct in buildings and on the premises, checking whether operational and legal regulations, as those relating to fire and environmental protection, are being complied with. In emergencies, they take appropriate measures. They document routine inspections, incidents, and security-related events on a computer.


  • Observational accuracy and attention to detail (e.g. monitoring factory premises with video surveillance systems)
  • Assertiveness and self-confidence (e.g. when issuing evacuation orders, maintaining a secure and confident demeanor even in dangerous situations)
  • Carefulness and sense of responsibility (e.g. when checking alarm systems and locking mechanisms, in personal protection)
  • Physical coordination, decision-making ability, and quick reflexes (e.g. for quick action in dangerous situations)


Security and safety specialists primarily work:

  • at train stations and airports
  • at event locations such as exhibition centers, stadiums, concert halls
  • in vehicles during valuables transportation or in personal protection
Specialists in security and safety