Building cleaner

What does one do in this profession?

Building cleaners or janitors keep areas such as corridors, rooms, and restrooms clean in office buildings, and in residential complexes they clean staircases and outdoor facilities. They clean facades, glass roofs, and sun protection devices. In manufacturing plants, they clean production halls and equipment, and in transportation they collect waste, clean seats, floors, and windows. They ensure hygiene in hospitals, food production facilities, or swimming pools.

If they detect pest infestation in their work areas, they initiate deterrent or control measures. They dispose of waste, contaminated materials, and wastewater in an environmentally friendly manner.


  • Attention to detail and carefulness (e.g. when cleaning in healthcare and nursing facilities, when disposing of hazardous substances and contaminated materials)
  • Body control and lack of vertigo (e.g. when working on ladders, scaffolding, aerial work platforms, or facade access systems)
  • Manual dexterity (e.g. for maintenance, repair, and operation of cleaning machines)


Building cleaners or janitors primarily work:

  • in the premises of their clients (e.g. offices, hospital rooms)
  • in vehicles (e.g. transportation cleaning)
  • outdoors (e.g. outdoor facilities, building facades, roofs)
  • on construction sites and in workshops or production halls
Building cleaner