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How it works.

Our focus is on specialists in warehouse logistics, care, protection and security, building cleaning and catering. By collaborating with foreign partners and partner companies in germany, we solve personnel bottlenecks and support the integration of young people into the German job market.




Simply apply online at JobUniversity and we will guide you through the entire application process. After successfully verifying your German skills and qualifications, you are ready for the next step.



Our experts will assist you with your arrival in Germany, finding accommodation, everyday school and work life, as well as integrating into the community.



After successfully completing your training, we will assist you in your job search to secure your professional future in Germany.

Both theoretical as well as practical.

We take care of the theoretical part of your training together with vocational schools.

For the practical part of your training, our partner company is responsible.

After completing your training, you should be taken on by your partner company and enter into a permanent employment relationship.

Our Trainings

Our training programs offer a unique combination of theoretical and practical training to ensure that our apprentices have the necessary specialist knowledge and practical skills to be successful in their profession.

We work closely with partner companies and vocational schools to ensure that our apprentices receive the best possible training and are prepared for the demands of the job market.


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Your training with JobUniversity – tailored for you.

Our partners are listed here. We only cooperate with these partners in the respective country.

Please direct your questions exclusively to the partners licensed by us. Only in this way can we ensure a smooth process for you.

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Mr. Ramon Hansmeyer

Business Experts´ Academy for German Language Education, Inc.

Tahanang Nazareth, Sta. Rita. St. Kaybagal East Tagaytay City
4120 Cavite

Mrs. Jo Anne Zozobrado


Lot 4B Antonio, Brgy. Batas Silang
4118 Cavite

Mr. Akihiko Arima

Smile Language Center Inc.

Perazim Bldg., Sta. Terasita St., Villa Donata Subd.,
Cupang, Muntinlupa City
Metro Manila

Mr. Rajiv Vashisht

Planet Deutschland

Shop No. 184
Mugal Canal
Karnal 132001
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Mr. Ken Gibson

ES4E Global Solutions Co.,Ltd.

4-7-19 Yanagi-machi, Moji-ku, Kitakyushu city Fukuoka Prefecture
Japan ZIP800-0025
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Mr. Yasar Altun

Kopru Egitim

İlkyerleşim, 1870. Cd No:28
06370 Yenimahalle/Ankara

Mr. Ken Gibson

ES4E Global Solutions Co., Ltd.

4-7-19 Yanagi-machi, Moji-ku, Kiakyushu city Fukuoka Prefecture
Japan ZIP800-0025

Ms. Nargiza Ibraimkulova


pr-t Manasa 61
720000 Bishkek City

Adv. Masud Parves

FPF Consultancy Bd Ltd.

R-10/A, H-232/A, Modhu Bazar Road
Dhanmondi-1209, Dhaka

Uthaiwan Phattawatin

Mefage-Uok Co., Ltd.

351/14 Rama 9 Road
Bang Kapi, Huay Khwang
Bangkok 10310

Xiaoling Jia

Wellenhof GmbH

Oeserstr. 28
65934 Frankfurt


Answers to your questions.

How do I get around during the training?

You will get a job ticket. With this ticket, you can use public transportation for free. Buses and trains run very frequently, so you will be able to get around well. We also support you if you want to get your German driving license. We will find a suitable driving school together and we will help you with the registration. After a 4-month probationary period, you will be provided with an e-scooter by us.

Can I have a part-time job during training?

You have a training contract for 40 hours a week. You will have opportunities to either work overtime or you can also look for a part-time job. However, you need to discuss this with us. We as a training company need to check and approve this.

How long does the training last?

The training usually lasts 3 years. During this time, you will learn and work at both your partner company and the vocational school. You will receive more detailed information about the duration of the training and the exact procedure from us after your application.

What level of German do I need for the training?

German language skills are a prerequisite for training at JobUniversity. We expect at least language level B1 to ensure that you can communicate well in everyday life and during your training. If you do not yet have sufficient German skills, we also offer language courses to prepare you for your training.

What is the timetable during the training?

You usually have vocational school one day a week and work at your partner company on other days. We will provide you with an individual timetable that includes all important dates and tasks.

What career opportunities do I have after training?

After successfully completing your training, you have the option to either stay with your partner company or apply elsewhere. We are also happy to support you in finding a job after your training.

Who covers the costs of my training?

The costs of the training are covered by JobUniversity and your partner company. You also receive a training allowance, which varies depending on the profession and year of training.

What happens if I do not pass the training?

If you do not successfully complete the training, there are various options. As a rule, we offer support in finding a new training or an alternative job. It is also possible to repeat the training to obtain the qualification. In any case, we will discuss with you what options there are and how we can best support you.

Who pays for health insurance, taxes, and pension insurance?

During your training at JobUniversity, you are legally health insured. The costs for this are shared half by you and the other half by us as JobUniversity. The pension insurance is also paid half by you and half by us as JobUniversity. Taxes are automatically deducted from your training allowance and forwarded to the tax office. If you have further questions about social insurance or taxes, we are happy to assist you. There are great gross-net calculators on the internet, through which you can get an impression of the deductions.

What can I do after completing my training?

After successfully completing your vocational training, many doors are open to you. Here are some options you might consider:


Continue working as a trained professional in the company: Many companies are interested in retaining their newly trained professionals. So, you could continue working in the company where you completed your training. This has the advantage that you are already familiar with the processes and colleagues, and you can often start directly with a higher salary as a professional.


Look for new employment: Of course, you can also decide to change companies and start in another company as a professional. This offers you the opportunity to gain new experiences and perhaps work in a different area of your industry.


Begin further training in your profession: There are many opportunities for further training, allowing you to deepen your knowledge or specialize in a specific area. For example, a master course or technical further training might be of interest to you. Such qualifications can increase your career opportunities and your salary.


Start a degree program: With your qualification, you can also consider starting a degree. Parts of your training might even be credited at some universities and colleges. A degree often opens up new career paths and perspectives for you.


Remember that each of these options has its own advantages and disadvantages. Consider which path best suits your goals and desires and gather comprehensive information about each option. It’s your future, and you decide which path you want to take!